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Improving Everyday Life
With Fitness


Driving a Future through Fitness

Hey, my name is Nadia K Coaching, I’m a Fitness Instructor and Social Entrepreneur.


I started my fitness journey when I was 25 years old and was going through a really dark time. It was the perfect tool to keep my mind and well-being healthy, the physical benefits were just a bonus. I wanted to share with other people what I had learnt and give back to people what fitness gave to me. I had an amazing mentor who I looked up to greatly.


Shirley Rees, a well known group fitness instructor inspired me to start my fitness journey and helped me along the way. I feel she was such a supportive mentor and I’ve always wanted to make her proud. 

I did notice that living in the South West, any fitness classes I went to had an apparent lack of diversity. I was never one to notice that I wasn't represented in many of my favourite areas, but after living in London for 4 years and then coming back to Cornwall, you can't help but notice. 

My aim as a fitness instructor was to create a more inclusive experience for everyone, I wanted to embed diversity into my fitness practice. 

Operational Excellence

I started my journey by opening up my own fitness studio in Newquay in 2011. As a single parent that seemed like a huge task but I was so proud of what I had achieved plus it gave me the ability to get to know each and every one of my clients on a personal level which I absolutely loved. I try to be an active listener and when people say, “Nad, I don’t want to look at my wobbly bits when I workout”, I try to find solutions to people’s problems, so I decided to do something about it.

After collaborating with another fitness company and teaching some classes with them, I decided to trial my sessions in nightclubs. It was the perfect venue to help people build confidence. 


Know No Limits

After moving to Plymouth, and teaching many different style classes in different venues and looking where the demand was. I saw how kick boxing empowered people by creating their desired physique as well as confidence from a self defence perspective. I spent 2 years with a pen and paper creating Club Kombat! It was formed from my own training and experiences as well as listening to people wanting to build confidence, wanting to feel stronger, wanting to be part of a community and those wanting a night out but can't deal with the hangover! 

After lots of research on venues, I chose Revolution due to the amazing teaching space it provides but also offering a lift for wheelchair access.

The launch in 2019 was something to remember, providing an electric atmosphere and everyone working hard to achieve their fitness goals. After gathering feedback from people they seemed to love the concept of using a nightclub as a fitness venue and understood my reasons behind it so it grew from there. 


Club Kombat has navigated many changes over the years and through the pandemic we built a strong ambassador team through an online platform, it enabled us to reach many people nationally and share our message of empowering, inclusive fitness. 


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