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"Club Kombat"

Transform Your Physique with Every Punch and Kick!

Our Next 6 Week Block!

17-04-2024 18:00
Revolution, Unit 1, Plymouth PL1 2SW
(Term Time Only)

Why Train With Us?

Unleash Your Confidence -  Push your limits, both physically and mentally

Pay Monthly:

6 online sessions per week


Club Kombat is just one of the many fitness sessions brought to you by Nadia K Coaching. Don't miss out on your chance to experience a FREE online session that will leave you energised, empowered, and craving more. Click below to trial a session and embark on a transformational adventure like no other.

Join the Movement:

650 Kcal

Per Session

650 Muscles

All Muscles used

Experience a full-body transformation as you engage muscles you never knew you had, all while torching calories and building lean muscle.

Per Session:


Pay on the Night

Flexible Payments

Club Kombat offers a dynamic, kick boxing style workout driven by music! Engage all major muscle groups to help you achieve a well-rounded and balanced level of fitness. The kickboxing part provides an excellent cardiovascular workout, improving your heart health while the bodyweight exercises builds a strong and toned body. You can choose your impact level and modifications are celebrated to suit all abilities.


£11.99 per month = 6 ON DEMAND sessions plus face to face for those local to Plymouth 

£6.50 = Pay As You Go

Free - community organisations


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A Different Approach To Fitness

Imagine stepping into a vibrant nightclub on your own and NOT feeling out of place!! This is why Club Kombat is different, we turn that space into an inclusive fitness arena for 50 minutes. As you walk through the doors you’ll be met by one of our friendly coaches and find yourself immersed in an environment that encourages you to tap into your inner warrior. Our expert trainers are dedicated to guiding you through an exhilarating session that combines powerful punches, high-impact kicks, and heart-pounding body movements.  No bright lights, no mirrors, no worries! 


Each routine is carefully designed to engage every muscle, elevate your heart rate, and push you beyond your limits. Whether you have impairments or injuries, we will break down those barriers together ensuring we listen to you and deliver the perfect session for your ability.

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